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  • July 1974 The Egyptian Government granted Mobil Exploration Egypt the Hurghada Concession, the Geisum concession is part of it.

  • May 1982 Mobil Nile Oil Company was formed and North Geisum was declared as commercial discovery.

  • March 1984 Mobil farmed out the concession to Conoco.

  • April 1985 Mobil Nile Oil Company was re-named Geisum Oil Company, and became a joint Venture company between EGPC and Conoco, with its first Board of Directors.

  • November 1985 First Oil production from South Geisum field.

  • October 1987 Conoco assigned its interest in the concession agreement to EGPC, who became the sole owner of Geisum Oil Company as joint venture Company.

  • April 1993 Oil production was temporarily halted, and the FPSO Tanker (Al-Kahera-1) was sold.

  • October 1994 Geisum was granted the Tawila West concession for development.

  • April 1995 Commencement of oil production from North Geisum field.

  • May 1995 Resumption of oil production from South Geisum field.

  • November 1995 Commencement of oil production from Tawila West field.

  • May 1997 Installation and completion of condensate skid from Suco plant.

  • February 1998 Start receiving Eshpetco Oil at Geisum’s onshore processing facilities.

  • January 2001 EGPC awarded Geisum the Seabird development.

  • August 2002 Implemented artificial lift by jet pumping on WP-B platform to increase oil production.

  • November 2002 Geisum successfully drilled its first exploratory well (A-2) in Seabird concession.

  • May 2003 Achieved 1614 days without lost time injuries.

  • May 2005 Improving the flowing well performance and removing the restrictions in production facilities, This result up a 35% increase in daily production rate.

  • 2006 Performed several geological, geophysical and engineering studies in and out house with Services Co., in addition to update the geological model for all fields. These studies and geological updating led to doubling the company reserves.

  • 2007 Petrogulf Misr Co. was fromed as a joint venture company between the Egyptian General Petroleum Co. (EGPC), Pico GoS Petroleum Co. Limited and Kufpec (Egypt) Limited.

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