The Fiscal Year 2021/2022 is the 15th year of Petrogulfmisr's journey since being established. Petrogulfmisr is the Operating Company referred to in the Concession Agreement entered into as per Law No. 93/2007 for Petroleum Exploration, Development and Production at Geisum & Tawila West Area, between the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC), Pico GOS Petroleum Company Limited and Kufpec (Egypt) Limited.

Since that date the Company had pursued its successive achievements for carrying out its ambitious plans in the area of increasing production in unprecedented manner.

On my behalf and on behalf of the Company's Board of Directors, we strongly believe that with the devotion and sincerity of our employees and continued support of our partners, the company will achieve its objectives especially in the area of exploratory drilling.

Chairman history

Dr. Nabil Khalil
From 1/2/85 to 31/12/89
Geo Raouf Fayek
From 1/1/1990 to 24/2/93
Dr. Ahmed Badr El-Din
Fom 25/2/1993 to 11/10/1997
Eng. El-Sayed Tayel
From 12/10/1997 to 1/11/1998
From 8/11/199`9 to 2/10/2004
Eng. Hamdy El-deweek
From 2/11/1998 to 15/7/1999

Eng. Abdel-wahed Gohar
From 16/7/1999 to 7/11/1999
Eng. Sarwat Abou-el-Enein
From 28-10-2004 to 2-5-2010
Geo Medhat Hassan
From 2-5-2010 to 1-6-2013
Eng. Mohamed Baydoon
From 2-6-2013 to 15-6-2013
Eng. Gharieb A.Atty Mohamed
From 16-6-2013 to 6-11-2016
Geo Sherin Ghozlan
From 2/2/2016 to 4/2/2018

Eng. Samy Abdel Fattah Khalil
From 5-2-2018 to 8-3-2021

Current Chairman
Eng.AbdElwahab Almaghwry

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